Google Drive now cant store more than 5 million files

Google Drive now can’t store more than 5 million files even if they don’t take up all the space

According to network sources, the Google Drive cloud service has introduced a limit on the number of files saved by users. Now users can’t store more than 5 million files in it, even if it doesn’t consume all disk space.

    Image Source: Nathana Reboucas /

Image Source: Nathana Reboucas /

This week, a member of the Reddit community noticed that without warning, Google introduced a limit on the number of files stored in Google Drive. Reportedly, attempting to upload new files to the vault after the limit has been reached results in an error message. For the first time, users noticed the appearance of such messages on February 14.

“To ensure high performance and reliability, individual users are not allowed to store more than 5 million items in their Google Drive.”, – said a representative of Google, adding that at the moment the innovation affects a small part of the users of the service. He also advised users who encountered this problem to delete some files from the repository to continue interacting with it.

However, for people who have stored large amounts of files in Google Drive, having to delete millions of items is a great inconvenience. Some users of the service also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Google, without warning, imposed a limit on the number of files stored in the cloud. Also, in some cases there was a problem with further use of “Google Drive”, in cases where only 1 million files were stored on it.

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