Google Chrome now has the ability to comment on saved

Google Chrome now has the ability to comment on saved passwords

Google Chrome, like many other browsers, allows users to save passwords, and with the release of the next preliminary version, a new feature has appeared – now you can add comments that were previously available only in specialized managers.

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In the next build of Chrome on the Canary Experimental Channel, a note-saving feature was added to the browser’s built-in password manager. This feature appears when you first add account information to a resource or when you change an existing password. Google won’t stop there — the company is likely working on the possibility safe shipping Passwords for other users.

The ability to add notes can be useful in a number of cases – the contextual information of accounts allows users to more easily differentiate between work and personal accounts. In addition, it will be possible to save in notes answers to secret questions used on some services.

Chrome Canary Experimental Channel build users can already test the new feature by searching for the #passwords-notes setting. According to preliminary data, password annotation will reach the stable branch by the release of Chrome 101, which is expected in April or May, but developers’ plans may still change.


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