Google Chrome has started checking URLs for typos and giving

Google Chrome has started checking URLs for typos and giving hints

Google has announced that with the release of a new accessibility update for Chrome, the browser will have a feature to check the user’s URL for typos. This allows Google Chrome to show suggested websites based on what it thinks is the “right” option. The new feature will roll out first in the desktop web browser and then in the “coming months” in the mobile version.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

How written down The Verge resource is a handy tool that allows the user to get rid of the error and get to the sites they need, rather than the dubious sites that one often gets to when browsing on behalf of a popular site makes an inaccuracy.

Google also rolled out an update for the Live Caption feature, which converts a voice message to text. Now the user can type the answer during a phone conversation and play it out loud to the other party. The feature will be supported on newer Pixel models first, after which it will be available on older Pixel models and other Android devices.

Additionally, Google will introduce an optimized subtitles panel on Android tablets and add live subtitles support for French, Italian and German on Pixel 4 and 5 and other Android devices.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

It is also reported that Google Maps has received an update that will make the wheelchair-accessible location icon visible to all. Previously, to check if a specific location had a wheelchair ramp, you had to turn on the Accessible Locations feature in Google Maps.

In addition, Google has announced a closed beta test of several new Lookout app features for blind or low vision users. Now, the application based on artificial intelligence will process and generate image descriptions, regardless of whether they are accompanied by text or not. Users can ask clarifying questions about these images, which are answered using Google’s Advanced Visual Language Model (VLM) DeepMind.


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