Google Chrome has learned to automatically organize open tabs into

Google Chrome has learned to automatically organize open tabs into groups

Google developers continue to improve their Chrome web browser to make it more user-friendly. This time they added a tab organizing feature to the browser that automatically groups open tabs.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

After you click the “Organize Tabs” button, the application will automatically distribute all open tabs into groups according to their content. It is assumed that during the execution of this function, a neural network-based algorithm is used to analyze the materials in the processed tabs. Once the tab distribution process is complete, the user can rename each group according to their own preferences.

Organize Tabs uses the existing “Tab Groups” feature that was introduced in the browser back in 2020. This tool allows you to organize your open tabs by manually sorting them into groups. This feature is particularly useful for people who are used to interacting with a large number of tabs. Once the groups are sorted, they can be collapsed or closed with one click.

Apparently Google thought that organizing tabs manually could become a tedious task. The new “Organize Tabs” feature aims to simplify this process. It is currently available in beta versions of Chrome on the Canary channel. It is not yet known when exactly the innovation will appear in stable versions of the browser.


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