Google Chrome extends its picture in picture feature so you can put

Google Chrome extends its picture-in-picture feature so you can put everything in a small window

The latest beta version of Google Chrome browser 111 debuted a picture-in-picture feature with additional features. If earlier this feature only allowed you to play videos in a small window on top of others, now you can place almost any web content in it.

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In the updated version, the function has been named Document picture-in-picture, and it really has a chance to become useful: it will be possible to place the same video in a thumbnail window, but with a custom interface, for example, with like / dislike buttons; It contains the image of the interlocutor when participating in a video conference and additional controls, e.g. B. mute sound or “raise hand”, appropriate. Finally, this window conveniently accommodates a music playlist.

If an extended, more functional version of the “picture-in-picture” really turns out to be useful and in demand, we should expect its debut in browsers on engines other than Chromium. But there are still doubts: the Mozilla team has expressed fears that it is being abused by placing ad banners in a thumbnail window, and Apple isn’t sure if this is even possible on iOS.

According to the data Chrome trackerthe function will run in test mode until the release of Chrome 115 in June, after which the developers will consider user feedback and decide its future fate.


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