Google Chrome can read web pages aloud

Google Chrome can read web pages aloud

Google is experimenting with text-to-speech technologies in Chrome’s reading mode – the desktop version of the browser will be able to read open pages aloud. This possibility is included in the preliminary version of the program.

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The function of converting text to speech in reading mode was noticed by the user of the social network X (formerly Twitter). Leopeva64 – It appeared in a previous version of Chrome Canary. When you open a page in Reading view, a play button appears at the top of the page. When you click on it, the Google Voice Synthesizer reads out the plain text.

Released aloud Video When demonstrating a new function, their abilities are still quite limited: the voice is very similar to a robot, and it perceives capitalized words as abbreviations and reads them letter by letter rather than in full. The feature is currently only available to a subset of users and it’s not clear how it will make its way into the public release of the browser. But there is little reason to doubt that this will happen – the possibility is already implemented in Microsoft Edge.

The reader’s text-to-speech capability will prove to be a sought-after feature among people who are better at listening. And I hope that by the time the public version of Google Chrome is released, the voice will sound a little livelier than it does now with this feature.


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