Google announces the best apps and games of 2022

Google announces the best apps and games of 2022

Google follows Apple announcedwhich applications were the best in the Play Store 2022. The first was an AI-based image generator based on a text description.

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Google’s best app of 2022 was Dream by WOMBO, which generates images from a text description, and the app has gone viral, the company said. Apex Legends Mobile was named Game of the Year by Google, which has not left the list of the most trending and most downloaded titles for almost the whole year. The best app according to Google Play users was the alternative social platform BeReal; and Apex Legends Mobile emerged as the most popular game in user ratings.

Best in the category “Entertainment” was the application PetStar, which makes user-uploaded pictures of pets “sing”. Also the DanceFitMe fitness app and the noteit widget that allows you to share notes with your loved ones are tagged here.

The best app in the Personal Growth category was Breathwrk, which featured a series of breathing exercises to relieve stress and anxiety. Duolingo ABC English Tutorial for Kids, Gym Log & Workouts Virtual Fitness Trainer, and Yousician Ukulele Tutorial were also mentioned in the category.

The Plant Parent Encyclopedia of Houseplant Care was the best in the daily use category. Also of note is the Book Morning Routine Wakeing app for improving your sleep cycle; “Diary with a password” allows you to hide personal entries from prying eyes; and “Sleep Trackers”.

In the Hidden Gems category, the winner went to Recover Athletics, an app that offers recovery programs for athletes. The category also identifies the Linktree link service for descriptions on social networks; Little Lunches Meal Planner; and a wamble service to communicate with nearby users.

The STIGMA app, a psychological support service, became first in the Applications for Good category. These include Sleep Fruits, a meditation assistant, and Zario, a digital well-being assistant that helps reduce time spent on social media.

Todoist’s task scheduler has become the best for smartwatches. The best thing for tablets was the Pocket application, which allows you to save pages for reading. And the best part for Chromebooks (new category) was the BandLab music production app.

    Apex Legends Mobile.  Image source:

Apex Legends Mobile. Image source:

The role-playing game Dislyte won in the Monoplayer Games category. Mention is made of Apex Legends Mobile and Catalyst Black Shooter, Diablo Immortal RPG action, and Rocket League Sideswipe.

The best casual game was Angry Birds Journey. Mentioned are the arcade action Gun & Dungeons, the puzzle games HOOK 2 and Quadline, and the adventure game Hyde and Seek.

Dicey Dungeons is the best strategy game from an independent developer. Mentioned Adventure Dungeons of Dreadrock, Knotwords Puzzle, One Hand Clapping Platformer, and Phobies Card Strategy.

Papers, Please puzzle won in the new Best Story category. The adventures DEEMO II and Inua – A Story in Ice and Time, the arcade simulator The Secret of Cat Island and the action-adventure Turnip Boy Comits Tax Evasion also deserve attention.

In another new category, “Best Regular Game”, the action RPG Genshin Impact was chosen as the winner. The Candy Crush Saga puzzle game, the Garena Free Fire battle royale, the Pokémon GO multiplayer role-playing game, and the Roblox platform are introduced.

The best in the Play Pass (also a new category) was the puzzle adventure Very Little Nightmares. The category mentions Bridge Constructor Simulator, Final Fantasy VII RPG, Linelight and Path of Giants Puzzle Games.

The best game for tablets was the action role-playing game Tower of Fantasy. Arcade games Angry Birds Journey, Catalyst Black, Diablo Immortal and Papers, Please are also mentioned here.

Finally, the Roblox platform was named the best game for Chromebooks.

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