Google announces Steam support for select Chromebooks

Google announces Steam support for select Chromebooks

During the Games Developer Summit, Google Product Director Greg Hartell, who is responsible for the gaming segment, announced the launch of Steam support for some Chromebooks – according to him, an alpha version of the famous gaming service has been released.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Google said they were working on Steam support for Chrome OS back in early 2020, but there hasn’t been much information about the new project since then. In a report published by Google for the Games Developer Summit, the company devoted about 13 seconds of attention to the service, casually mentioning it as some sort of insignificant event. Still, Chrome OS laptops already have a huge audience waiting literally years for relevant information.

The story about Steam starts on the video at about 14 minutes. It’s understandable that Google is in no hurry to make a louder announcement – so far this is only an alpha version, which probably still has a lot of “sharp corners” that still need to be ironed out. It’s also far from being available to everyone – there’s no reliable data on Steam users for Chrome OS yet.

Google itself hasn’t announced any specific models of Steam-compatible Chromebooks, but 9to5Google got a list last month that includes x86 models like the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 and Asus Flip CX5, as well as a few other computers.

For more information, Hartell invites those who wish to visit the Chromebook Community Forum, although there appear to be no official additions. Valve, the owner of Steam, has also not yet commented on the situation.



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