Google announces Chrome OS Flex that turns your old PC

Google announces Chrome OS Flex that turns your old PC or Mac into a Chromebook

Google has announced a free software tool Chrome OS Flex – it can give a “second breath” to many outdated computers. Users can take advantage of the Chrome OS option by downloading the software from a USB drive to test its capabilities or installing it on the computer itself.

Image source: PhotoMIX Company/

Image source: PhotoMIX Company/

The solution is suitable for those who have in stock an old computer that loads the operating system slowly and is even slower – its capabilities are expected to be enough to use Chrome OS Flex. The tool is compatible with both Windows PCs and Apple products. In fact, it allows you to turn electronics into a Chromebook or Chromebox for free. While Google Flex advertises as a free solution for businesses and educational institutions, private customers can also use it.

The Chrome OS Flex core is actually what is used in Chrome OS and installed on “real” Chromebooks. This means that the user gets access to all the functions of the operating system, the Google Assistant, monthly updates and of course the Google Play marketplace.

The company has already provided early access to the software, you can get more information and request a “Distribution Kit” download. on one of the sides Google. The company understands that moving from a regular computer to Chrome OS can be a daunting task for the user, so those who wish can download Flex onto a USB drive first by creating a boot disk — along with the instructions from Google it will be possible to test from a flash drive and then decide Should I upgrade to a new operating system? According to Google, the system is compatible with computers 10 years and older.

In fact, Chrome OS Flex is a modified version of the CloudReady solution. In 2020, Google acquired Neverware, the developer behind the tool. Existing CloudReady customers will be automatically upgraded to Chrome OS Flex once the software enters preview. According to the company, this should happen in the coming months.


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