Google and Spotify are testing alternative payment methods in the

Google and Spotify are testing alternative payment methods in the Play Store

Google announced to launch a pilot where Android and the entire ecosystem of the company can use third-party payment systems. Several third-party project developers will participate in the experiment, and Spotify music streaming will be the first test site.

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This year, Spotify users who downloaded the client app from the Play Store have the option to choose how their premium subscription is billed, either traditionally through Google or through their own streaming service. “For the first time, these two options will coexist in the app. This gives everyone the freedom to subscribe and make purchases directly in the Spotify app with the payment method of their choice.”explained in music service.

Spotify also said it will begin collaborating with Google on the project in the coming months, using technical experts from both companies. For Swedish streaming, the project will be a major breakthrough and victory. The service has battled monopolies for years, and in 2020 the company formed the App Fairness Coalition with Epic Games to get Apple and Google to change the way they operate.

For Google, the new project will be largely a defensive measure. Along with Apple, the search giant has expended many resources to maintain the status quo. However, US senators have already tabled a bill that will remove the ability for app marketplaces with more than 50 million US users to impose their payment tools on third-party developers.



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