Google adds fall detection to Pixel Watch

Google adds fall detection to Pixel Watch

Google has announced the launch of the fall detection feature for the smartwatch Pixel Watch. In the near future it will be available to all users of the device.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Like its Apple Watch counterpart, fall detection on the Pixel Watch is based on a motion sensor and special algorithms that help identify when the wearer has fallen and may need assistance. At the same time, Google noted that the new feature doesn’t erroneously call emergency services in the event of a fall, such as during winter sports, as has happened time and time again with the Apple Watch.

If Pixel Watch detects a fall and no movement for about 30 seconds, it will vibrate, beep and display an on-screen message to check the user’s status. If the owner of the device did not suffer, then it is enough for him to press the “I’m fine” button. If you press the “I fell and need help” button, the smartwatch automatically calls the emergency number. In the event that none of the options are selected, the watch will continue to sound an alarm with increasing volume and eventually call emergency services by playing an automatic message about the user’s location.

To enable the new feature, you can use the dedicated section in the Watch Companion app on a paired smartphone or in the Personal Security app on the watch itself. Google says Pixel Watch users shouldn’t get any false alerts from the new feature. At the same time, users are encouraged to improve it by allowing the company to collect certain data after enabling the “Help improve fall detection” option.

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