Google accused Apple of having discriminated against Android users in

Google accused Apple of having discriminated against Android users in iMessage

Google criticized Apple for its iMessage messaging policy and accused it of deliberately portraying Android users as second-class citizens. It is also noted that Apple is taking advantage of iMessage’s exclusivity as one of the tools to boost iPhone sales.

Image source: MacRumors

Image source: MacRumors

The app’s exclusivity has become a status symbol among teenagers in the US and other countries, according to the source. In addition, messages from Android device users are colored green in iMessage, and messages from iOS-based device owners are colored blue. It is noted that in some cases this is the reason behind the pressure on teenagers who are forced to buy an iPhone so as not to look worse than others.

This view is shared by some high-ranking Google employees, including the company’s vice president for Android Hirosho Lockheimer (Hirosho Lockheimer). He recently expressed confidence that peer pressure and intimidation are part of Apple’s documented strategy to drive iPhone sales.

This has been confirmed by documents released during Apple’s recent legal battle with Epic Games. According to them, Apple was considering making iMessage available for Android, but ultimately the company concluded that it was “Will Apple do more harm than good”… This interpretation of the current situation was mentioned in one of the letters from Apple CEO Phil Shiller. Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software development, also wrote that the availability of iMessage could lift the barrier for families where parents use iPhones but buy Android devices for their children.


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