Google abandons development of gaming Chromebooks with discrete graphics cards

Google abandons development of gaming Chromebooks with discrete graphics cards

Google has abandoned a project to create gaming Chromebooks with discrete graphics cards, better displays, and RGB-backlit keyboards. Rumors about their development have been circulating since the beginning of last year. This is reported by the Ars Technica portal, citing a statement published in the Chromium developer forum.

    Image source: ASUS

Image source: ASUS

“The warehouse has been cleared of some dead circuit boards. Herobrine, Hades, and Agah are all canceled.specified Chromium Gerrit website. According to Ars Technica, these are the codenames for motherboards designed for future Chrome OS-based laptops or tablets. According to reports, they had to be equipped with separate NVIDIA mobile graphics cards.

In addition to gaming Chromebooks, Google is also adapting the Steam gaming platform for Chrome OS. The project is still in beta testing, but after nearly a year of development, the likelihood of Steam appearing on Chrome OS at some point is getting smaller and smaller. Getting a complex platform designed for Linux to work properly on low-power Chromebooks is no easy task. For example, as stated in the official project documents, the application still has problems with displaying windows, connecting external monitors and scaling the user interface. Difficulties exist with voice and text chat, as well as Valve’s Easy Anti-Cheat technology to combat cheaters. Only since the start of Steam Alpha testing for Chrome OS 20 Chromebook models. However, they don’t support connecting external drives, which can be a big problem given the size of the most modern games and the amount of permanent storage Chromebooks come with – often no more than 64GB.

The phasing out of Chromebooks with powerful discrete graphics cards also means that owners of these devices will only be able to run old games as well as new low-graphics games on them. Google’s decision to stop developing powerful Chromebooks doesn’t mean the company isn’t interested in having games on its devices. However, if the user wants to play the latest news like Baldur’s Gate 3 on a Chromebook at short notice, the game must be launched via cloud gaming services.

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