Goodram introduces IRDM PRO M2 series SSDs with read speeds

Goodram introduces IRDM PRO M.2 series SSDs with read speeds up to 7000MB/s

Polish brand Goodram has presented a line of NVMe SSDs IRDM PRO M.2. New items are offered in volumes of 1, 2 and 4 TB and have a declared maximum sequential read and write speed of up to 7000 and 6850 MB / s, respectively.

    Image source: Goodram

Image source: Goodram

The most important for Goodram IRDM PRO M.2 solid state drives is the eight-channel Phison PS5018-E18 controller based on the Arm Cortex R5 architecture and 3D NAND TLC flash memory chips. The drives feature a DDR4 DRAM buffer cache of up to 2GB.

Goodram IRDM PRO M.2 series drives comply with NVMe 1.4 specification, which means they support PCIe 4.0 x4 interface. The manufacturer notes that the new items not only perfectly fit into the composition of a modern personal computer, but can also serve as a reliable main memory subsystem for PlayStation 5 game consoles.

The random read performance of Goodram IRDM PRO M.2 NVMe 1TB drive is 350,000 IOPS. 2 and 4 TB models have 650,000 IOPS. At the same time, all models provide random write performance at the level of 700,000 IOPS. The TWB, which is the guaranteed amount of data that can be written to the media, is 700 TB for the 1 TB model, 1400 TB for the 2 TB model and 3000 TB for the 4 TB model.

For effective cooling of components, Goodram IRDM PRO M.2 drives are equipped with aluminum radiators. The manufacturer declares a manufacturer’s guarantee of 5 years for new products. The cost of the presented solid-state drives is not specified.



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