Goodbye Mail and Calendar Microsoft will switch Windows 11 users

Goodbye Mail and Calendar: Microsoft will switch Windows 11 users to Microsoft Outlook

By the end of 2024, Microsoft plans to stop supporting the Mail and Calendar apps and remove them from Windows 11. This move means the apps will be removed from the Microsoft Store and will no longer receive updates. This Microsoft decision is part of the company’s strategy to reorient users to use Microsoft Outlook.

  Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft plans to actively educate its users about the need to migrate to Microsoft Outlook. In the near future, corresponding pop-up notifications will begin to appear in the Mail and Calendar applications. Additionally, all new Windows 11 devices released in 2024 will feature Microsoft Outlook as their primary email and calendaring tool, highlighting Microsoft’s strategic direction toward a unified communications platform.

Until this deadline, users will still be able to use Mail and Calendar, provided that these applications are already installed on their devices. However, it is worth emphasizing that after the end of 2024, security updates and bug fixes for these applications will be completely discontinued, which will undoubtedly increase the risks to the security of user data.

Opinions among users regarding the upcoming transition to Microsoft Outlook are divided. Some of them greeted these changes with optimism, becoming interested in the capabilities of the updated interface and functionality of Outlook. At the same time, another part of the audience expressed dissatisfaction, preferring to remain faithful to the usual applications. Switching to a new platform will inevitably take time to adapt and may lead to temporary inconvenience for users accustomed to the functionality and interface of Mail and Calendar.

Microsoft’s initiative to get rid of Mail and Calendar and move users to Microsoft Outlook reflects the general industry trend towards creating integrated and unified services. The move aims to provide users with an expanded set of tools to effectively manage email and schedule tasks in a single application. However, the success of this strategy will depend on the user community’s readiness for change and its ability to adapt to the new software environment.

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