Good Blizzard A connection error killed the first player character

“Good, Blizzard”: A connection error killed the first player character to reach level 100 in Diablo IV Hardcore mode

The need for a persistent connection to Blizzard Entertainment’s servers played a cruel joke featuring the winner of the “race” for the hundredth level in Diablo IV Hardcore mode. The user lost his character due to a connection error just before the end of the game.

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Former Dota 2 and StarCraft II professional player Souaïb Hanaf, who uses the alias cArn_ on Twitch, reached level 100 in 82 hours as a Barbarian in Hardcore mode, but was unable to complete the walkthrough. Shortly after the fact of primacy confirmed Taking to the series’ official Twitter, the streamer has lost his hero forever. Before the final boss fight, the character’s animations were choppy, then the image froze and was replaced with a black screen. After restarting the game, the streamer ended up in the start menu with the only option to choose a class and play with the first level. As it turned out thanks to the information in the Hall of the Fallen, the barbarian was killed by a bat.

A connection error in Diablo IV may not have serious consequences, but in hardcore mode the death is counted afterwards. This eliminates the exploitation of a vulnerability when the player intentionally disconnects to save the character at the last moment. On “Hardcore” the mechanic of permanent death works – it is impossible to return the deceased character.

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According to the streamer, the progress reset didn’t upset him as much as losing the gear. One way or another, cArn_ will not lose the title – it is not necessary to finish the game as part of the “race”, so Blizzard will keep the title of the winner for him. Remember that the company will immortalize the names of the first thousand players who reach the hundredth level in hardcore mode on the Lilith statue in their headquarters.

In the comments to the tweet about the success, users noted that Blizzard was responsible for the loss, which introduced the requirement of an active Internet connection throughout the passage. “Died from disconnectionwrote No. 5. — Great Blizzard”.

Another issue that is no longer related to technical issues, happens with user AMValentine1 who also participated in the challenge. The player spent about a day without a break in hardcore mode and fell asleep right at the computer, after which the character died.

Diablo IV was released on June 6th on PC (, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Deluxe Edition owners got access four days early. The game became the fastest-selling game in Blizzard history even before release. Two full-fledged supplements are in development.

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