Golf on Wheels Turbo Golf Racing Arcade Sports is coming

Golf on Wheels: Turbo Golf Racing Arcade Sports is coming to PC and Xbox consoles

Publisher Secret Mode and developer from UK studio Hugecalf (When Ski Lifts Go Wrong) aired as part of the Future Games Show announced Sports arcade Turbo Golf Racing in the spirit of Rocket League.

    Image Source: Secret Mode

Image Source: Secret Mode

As the name suggests, in Turbo Golf Racing you don’t have to drive across the field for soccer, but for golf. In addition, users are challenged to reach the finish line the fastest.

After Rocket League, the cars in Turbo Golf Racing are fast (especially with acceleration enabled), agile, bouncy, responsive and customizable too.

Before the full release, Turbo Golf Racing will go through Early Access (about 12 months). At launch, the game will have 30 levels, 15 power cores (power-ups), 150 cosmetic options, and crossplay.

Turbo Golf Racing is created for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The project will also be available to Game Pass subscribers. Exit dates have not yet been announced at this time.



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