Godlike Burger Schnitzel from the floor with heat Verification

Godlike Burger – Schnitzel from the floor with heat. Verification

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The impressions from the first minutes of Godlike Burger are really contradictory. The clumsy visuals, the extraordinarily crumpled narrative (hardly possible to piece together a coherent and addictive story from the comic book narration here), and the secondary gameplay that’s a lot like the lovely Overcooked, only embodied a lot more simply – all of it really do not evoke strong enthusiasm. And yet a frankly uninspired game eventually manages to pique interest with some curious nuances and captivate with a simple process of roguelite management. In fact, however, this backup turns out to be very short-lived.

    The game will in no way penalize or even flag you if you return to cooking without washing your hands after fixing the broken bathroom.  Disgusting!

The game will in no way penalize or even flag you if you return to cooking without washing your hands after fixing the broken bathroom. Disgusting!

Business at the edge of the universe

The local history is difficult to perceive, but fortunately it doesn’t affect gameplay much, and indeed it’s clearly on display here. We, as proprietor, chef, plumber, accountant, security guard, and raw material supplier all rolled into one, must understand all the “charms” of the harsh galactic gastronomy. And our main task is to collect a certain amount of prestige points in spite of angry visitors and merciless restaurant critics.

All that is required of us is frying chops and collecting burgers according to the orders, accurately and quickly. At first things seem simple. True, out of habit, you can accidentally burn a valuable ingredient or confuse an order by putting a slice of lettuce in it instead of an onion. Nothing criminal – just a visitor will leave the institution dissatisfied and lower the prestige level of the institution. The first difficulties begin at the financial management stage: the finances earned during the shift must be divided into different categories. The most important thing is the purchase of ingredients: rolls, cucumbers, tomatoes and much more. It is better to stock up for the future, because if the products run out during the shift, the institution’s rating will plunge into a black hole. However, the components of the chops are broken down a little differently, but more on that later…

    Reviews in the Complaint and Suggestion Book appear spontaneously and unrelated to the events of the game session, which of course renders them utterly meaningless.  Well, they're not very smart either.

Reviews in the Complaint and Suggestion Book appear spontaneously and unrelated to the events of the game session, which of course renders them utterly meaningless. Well, they’re not very smart either.

Another part of the earned amount should be used to pay bills. But that is absolutely not necessary if you do not shy away from visiting interstellar collectors. Also, if necessary (and it will, believe me), it makes sense to set aside a little hard-earned money to bribe servants of galactic law and order to make them lose interest in our rather suspicious eatery.

And here is the most pleasant item of expenses – the improvement of your person and your workplace, which will not go anywhere even with the death of the hero and the restart of the restaurant cycle. It will not be superfluous to improve the cooking chamber: install an additional stove, speed up the frying of the chops and put an emergency switch that will prevent the meat “delicacy” from turning into coals. And it is also worth increasing the number of application surfaces in order to be able to produce more cuts.

The hero mainly improves in the key, hmm, “combat” necessity. An eccentric restaurateur can increase the amount of health or energy, increase the power of the punch, or open up the ability to stun with a punch to the face, for example. And there is also an option to pay for liquid soap, which allows you to quickly wash off the nuances of the production cycle.

Having witnessed a knife fight for some reason, customers do not rush on their heels, but decide to fall on a man with a knife

A good customer is a good customer

Restaurant management and financial allocation go hand in hand with Godlike Burger’s core feature of extracting raw materials for fragrant patties for guests… from guests. And organizing a massacre within the walls of a restaurant is less of a manic experiment and more of a literal business necessity. After all, there is simply no other source of semi-finished products in this cosmic hole.

The search for clients should be approached with care and prudence. For example, having a guest who has not yet paid for the order shredded is an unprofitable and loss-making idea. As well as arrange a massacre to replenish supplies in front of other visitors. And in order not to get into a “wet” deal again, you can invest in traps. Devices such as proximity guns, command-to-shoot terminals or slot machines are intended to make life easier for mass cooks, but in reality they don’t cut a good figure. First, they require significant financial investments, and second, they make gameplay indescribably cumbersome. It’s easier to search for a lone customer lost in the restroom area on your own.

    Pitch Matters: A space species cannot digest (both literally and figuratively) a member of another space race.

Pitch Matters: A space species cannot digest (both literally and figuratively) a member of another space race.

The difficulty doesn’t end with finding and obtaining ingredients. Day after day, new force majeure events occur in the restaurant, which can significantly affect the final rating or even interrupt entry. For example, a meteor shower can fall, damaging everyone in the affected area; another time, the house’s refrigerator is ambushed by clever thieves who can leave us without supplies in the middle of the working day; and our tips from happy customers (there are quite a few, yes) are met by protesters protesting against…something. However, most problems, no matter how destructive it may sound, can be solved with a good kick!

And we can also move our institution in space, at the same time changing conditions and additional difficulties. Immediately, the customers’ wishes become more complicated, but the payment for culinary delights increases. However, in order to better get from one hole to another, you need to lay out a certain amount and complete several tasks. For example not leaving the kitchen all day, just serving orders, using a certain number of traps or for example killing some guests a certain number of times. But here is an unpleasant aspect: the implementation of these tasks often reflects negatively on the result, and the process itself is sometimes terribly boring. However, like Godlike Burger itself, if you dare play it for more than a few hours.

Adapted to the control functions, burgers can also be collected with closed eyes, even under a meteor shower


At some point, the presence of various features and gameplay elements can give the deceptive impression that Godlike Burger has a decent amount of content. But in reality, most of it is completely useless, poorly balanced, or just plain boring and ghastly executed. This also applies to the basic mechanics of the project – assembling burgers, chasing visitors and mastering the economic part takes little time, but there is no provision for competent further development of the mechanics or an increase in interest and emotional involvement. Add tiresome musical accompaniment and tiresome visual design to the “dish” and here it is, disappointing verdict – bland and a bite!


  • some interesting game nuances;
  • Simple but fun gameplay…


  • … which, however, gets boring after a few hours;
  • a bunch of helpless mechanics;
  • undemanding sound design;
  • rather indistinct narration;
  • average casual image without “zeal”.


The game’s visual component lacks at least some artistic expression, catchy stylization, or at least a few interesting graphic finds. It looks archaic and clumsy.


Overly simple and sometimes very annoying music and a rather primitive sound design force you to play at zero volume.

single player game

Sort of roguelite management with a few unusual game conditions, but generally completely gray and barely memorable.

Estimated travel time

If you really want to see the Godlike Burger through to the end, stock up on ten to fifteen hours. But, most likely, it will be abandoned much earlier.

collective game

Not provided. Which is odd, because cooperative fun could be a key feature of the game and make it a lot more fun. Overcooked is a living example of this.

overall impression

Godlike Burger does not cause nausea, but neither can it boast of a rich, rich taste. And at least one important reason for the acquaintance.

Rating: 5.0/10

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