God of War Ragnarok finally revealed why Kratos isnt using

God of War Ragnarok finally revealed why Kratos isn’t using skills from the first installments

portal The gamers drew attention to the fact that the action-adventure God of War Ragnarok reveals the reason why the Spartan Kratos does not use the skills acquired in the previous parts in the new games of the series.

    Image source: YouTube (Omega Fantasy)

Image source: YouTube (Omega Fantasy)

Recall that during the adventures in Ancient Greece, the hero managed to acquire the power of lightning, fire, ice and other useful abilities (for example, soaring on the wings of Icarus), which appeared in the Scandinavian saga of Kratos and his son Atreus had no place.

Fans wondered why Kratos gave up his abilities – either because of a change of residence (they don’t work outside of Greece) or a character change (the protagonist’s intentional farewell to the past).

As part of one of the optional conversations in God of War Ragnarok, Mimir asks Kratos if he can summon one of his ancient Greek powers, to which the Spartan replies: “I can’t. I’ve tried”.

Atrey adds: “Freya says that magic is inseparable from the earth. Your armed forces probably died along with your homeland.. Although the young man reflects in his quote, his acceptance can also be seen as an official statement.

    Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

As for other questions from fans (about the World Serpent’s voyages, for example), the answers to those will be loud Words God of War Ragnarok producer Cory Barlog will have to wait until “another game”.

God of War Ragnarok debuted simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on November 9th. The game ends the Scandinavian saga of Kratos – the developers decided that they didn’t want to extend a story for 15 years.

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