Gloomwood early access will be delayed but another project will

Gloomwood early access will be delayed, but another project will take its place in New Blood Interactive’s release schedule

California publisher and developer of New Blood Interactive (Dusk, Amid Evil) announced about postponing the Early Access opening of its Victorian stealth shooter Gloomwood.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Recall that the premiere of the launch version of Gloomwood was expected on August 16th on PC (Steam), but was postponed to September 6th due to unforeseen problems and the collision of several team members with COVID-19.

The three-week delay will allow Gloomwood developers to address the above issues, further refine their project, and make room for another release from New Blood Interactive.

    ultra kill

ultra kill

As became knownInstead of Gloomwood, Steam users can expect the second act of the old-school shooter Ultrakill on August 16, which has been in Early Access since September 2020. After this update, the cost of the game will increase.

Gloomwood is set in a cursed Victorian town that is free to explore. They promise high interactivity, sophisticated camouflage (taking into account light and noise) and unusual weapons.

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