GlobalFoundries Trillions of dollars need to be invested in the

GlobalFoundries: Trillions of dollars need to be invested in the semiconductor industry to overcome the shortage

The CEO of GlobalFoundries, the world’s fourth-largest contract chipmaker, likes to reiterate that the semiconductor market will double to $1 trillion by the end of the decade. He is also convinced that to overcome the shortage of components, a comparable amount must be invested in their production.

    Image source: GlobalFoundries

Image source: GlobalFoundries

Current thoughts Tom Caulfield, as reported by Alpha wanted, shared with CNBC TV audiences this week. According to the head of GlobalFoundries, the worldwide expansion of semiconductor production will continue regardless of possible macroeconomic difficulties such as the “bottlenecks” in the supply chains of components that can currently be observed. According to Caulfield, all problems will be solved sooner or later and chip production will continue to grow.

By 2024, the company will increase its own production capacity by 60% compared to 2020 levels. GlobalFoundries already has orders two years in advance and is not concerned about a potential downturn in demand in certain market segments. On the one hand, demand in the PC and budget smartphone segment is now declining and is weakly dependent on it. Second, small gaps in demand in one direction can be filled by others, as global demand still exceeds supply by 20%.

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