Global Strategy Mankind received an expansion dedicated to diplomacy and

Global Strategy Mankind received an expansion dedicated to diplomacy and espionage

Publisher SEGA and developers Amplitude Studios and Aspyr have announced the release of the first major expansion Together We Rule for their 4X global turn-based strategy game Humankind. A separate trailer was presented for the occasion.

    Image Credit: SEGA

Image Credit: SEGA

Diplomacy and espionage became the central themes of the released content pack. Together We Rule added the General Congress to the game, through which the game can influence international conflicts and adopt doctrines.

The game has a unique resource that will be indispensable for solving various diplomatic disputes – compromising evidence. To collect it, you need Agents – units of a new type that can be introduced to other empires in order to influence them and undermine their security from within.

There are three types of agents in humanity.

  • Diplomat. Move freely around the map, ignoring borders, collecting dirt and influencing other empires and independent races.
  • Spy. Specialized in enemy operations.
  • special agent. Can perform two additional types of sabotage.

The Together We Rule expansion added 6 new wonders, 7 independent nations, 15 new story events (including 4 international events) and new musical themes by composer Arnaud Roy to the game.

Finally, the strategy has 6 new cultures with the function “Diplomacy” – they can earn glory by getting stars of diplomacy for the dirt collected in each epoch.

Humankind debuted in August 2021 on PC (Steam, EGS, Microsoft Store, Game Pass) and Google Stadia. It was originally supposed to reach PS4, PS5, Xbox (One, Series X and S) and Xbox Game Pass on November 4th of the same year. However, last month it was revealed that the strategy’s console release had been postponed indefinitely.

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