Global semiconductor sales fell 185 in January but Europe posted

Global semiconductor sales fell 18.5% in January, but Europe posted a 0.9% increase

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), which brings together 99% of market participants in the US and nearly two-thirds outside the US, took some time this January to take stock of the industry’s performance. Until the beginning of March it became clearthat revenue from sales of semiconductor products in January fell 18.5% year over year to $41.3 billion.

    Image source: Micron Technology

Image source: Micron Technology

In the sequential comparison, the decline held at 5.2%, however, the European market was the only one among the five observed macro-regions where sales from the sale of semiconductor components did not decrease but increased. It was up 0.6% sequentially and 0.9% year-on-year. Compared to January 2022, however, sales growth of 0.7% was also observed in Japan. Perhaps the improvement in the availability of semiconductor components has had an impact in the automotive industry, a large consumer of which is local industry.

    Image source: SIA

Image source: SIA

According to SIA representatives, the whole of January continued to show the downward trend in sales in the semiconductor components market observed in the second half of the year. The Americas (-7.9%) and China (-8%) saw the largest consecutive declines in sales, with Japan leading the way with a 2.1% decline and the rest of Asia-Pacific along with the rest of the world Semiconductor suppliers’ sales fell by 2.7% compared to December of the previous year.

On a year-to-year basis, China emerged as the anti-leader with a 31.6% decline in sales, Americas contained a 12.4% decline, and all other countries along with Asia-Pacific declined sales by 19.5%. As noted above, chipmaker sales in Europe grew 0.9%, while Japan lagged only slightly with growth of 0.7%. While China controlled about a third of the semiconductor segment’s total sales in January last year, its share fell to 28% in January this year. It is possible that semiconductor component consumption in the region was negatively impacted by the fall lockdowns and a new wave of US sanctions.

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