Given the option to upload two hour videos Twitter Blue subscribers

Given the option to upload two-hour videos, Twitter Blue subscribers immediately uploaded a full-length cartoon

Twitter management, which recently appointed a new CEO, faces the challenge of differentiating the experience for Twitter Blue subscribers and non-Twitter users. One of the first perks this week was the ability to upload videos up to two hours long, and subscribers took advantage of this in a rather tongue-in-cheek way.

    Image Credit: DreamWorks Animation

Image Credit: DreamWorks Animation

Accordingly The edgeRight in the comments below Elon Musk’s post about the availability of a new feature, someone tried to post the full version of the animated film “Shrek 3”, which was then removed for copyright reasons. Twitter Blue users paying at least $8 per month can now upload videos up to two hours long that are shot in 1080p resolution and have a file size no larger than 8 GB.

It is worth noting that so far this feature has only been implemented for users of the web version of Twitter and owners of devices running iOS. Twitter Blue Android users will have to settle for a 10-minute video limit for now. However, this can be considered a privilege, since ordinary Twitter users who do not pay anything for access to the social network can upload videos no longer than 140 seconds.

Remember, the primary privilege of Twitter Blue subscribers was originally account verification with the issuance of a “blue tick” to individual account holders. Then added the ability to exchange private encrypted messages, increase the text message limit to 10,000 characters, support text formatting and the right to edit your messages. Subscribers to Twitter Blue will also have the opportunity to monetize content with funds the social network receives from advertisers.

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