GitHub Copilot for Business AI Programming Assistant goes public at

GitHub Copilot for Business AI Programming Assistant goes public at $19/month

Microsoft-owned GitHub announced that Copilot for Business, the enterprise version of the AI ​​coding assistant, is now available to the public for $19 per month. Compared to the standard copilot, the Corporate Edition offers a number of additional functions.

    Image source: fancycrave1 /

Image source: fancycrave1 /

“That concludes our Copilot Version 1 story. We announced the launch of the Insider program in June 2021. It seems like it’s been many years. A public version appeared last summer. Now we’re ready to bring it to organizations, companies, teams, companies – just about anyone. In fact, we already have over 400 organizations using Copilot for Business at launch, and we’re seeing tremendous interest.”commented Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub.

In addition, the developers announced that Copilot has gained support for connecting through a proxy, including self-signed certificates. It was also announced that Copilot is now powered by an improved AI model from Open AI. As the AI ​​Assistant evolves, it will gain new features. One of them was the function “medium filling”if the algorithm not only ends the line of code, but can also add code in the middle. To do this, Copilot must examine not only the code that is being worked on, but also other associated files that are being interacted with.

    Image source: GitHub

Image source: GitHub

In the latest update, Copilot gained the ability to detect common vulnerabilities in the program code that the AI ​​assistant offers the user. If unsafe options are found, Copilot offers to add more secure code. The developers continue to work on improving the processing speed of the requests received by Copilot. GitHub expects that Copilot will soon be able to generate up to 80% of the developer’s code. At the moment, the algorithm’s capabilities are limited to about 46% of the code for all programming languages ​​and 61% for Java.


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