Gigabyte supports 24GB and 48GB DDR5 modules on boards with

Gigabyte supports 24GB and 48GB DDR5 modules on boards with Intel 600 and 700 series chipsets

Gigabyte has announced that its Intel 700 and 600 series motherboards for Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors will also support up to 192GB of DDR5 RAM. Previously, MSI talked about supporting such memory models with its boards.

    Image source: gigabytes

Image source: gigabytes

The manufacturer noted that its boards support the installation of new RAM modules with a capacity of 24 and 48 GB. You don’t need to update motherboard BIOS to use them. The maximum amount of memory supported by the boards has been increased from 128 to 192 GB, which can be filled with four RAM sticks, and from 64 to 96 GB in the form of two memory modules.

The company also noted that support for installing memory modules of 24GB each and the ability to select the overclocking profile Intel XMP 3.0 on DDR5-7000 appeared for dual-channel mode, which is confirmed by internal tests (figure below ).

It stands to reason that other motherboard manufacturers will soon be making similar announcements about their motherboards’ support for new 24 and 48 GB RAM modules, as well as installations up to 192 GB of RAM.

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