Gigabyte PSU wins CES 2022 Innovation Awards

Gigabyte PSU wins CES 2022 Innovation Awards

Company Gigabyte reportedthat the Aorus P1200W 80+ Platinum Modular PSU won the CES 2022 Innovation Awards. The company noted that it is a great honor for it to receive the prestigious award among 1,800 nominees (approximately the same number of applications were submitted this year). The winners were announced ahead of CES 2022, one of the world’s largest technology events, which will take place in Las Vegas from January 5-8.

Gigabyte PSU wins CES 2022 Innovation Awards

As part of the CES Innovation Awards, the award winners are selected by a jury of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA – owner and organizer of the Consumer Electronic Show). Each year, prestigious awards are presented to companies that have presented the best devices in 27 categories of consumer electronics, which seamlessly combine unique design and advanced technology. A special group of industry experts on the jury, which includes representatives of the media, designers, engineers and other highly qualified specialists, study the materials submitted to the commission, determining the nature of innovations, engineering achievements, functionality, design, as well as the aesthetic component of each nominee.

A key feature of the Aorus P1200W model is the digital monitoring function. Electronic filling can monitor and display on the LCD the status of power circuits in real time, as well as parameters such as output power and current voltage, fan speed, temperature, etc. Users can monitor the status of the power supply in order to ensure its stable operation … Thanks to the large LCD display, a lot of parameters can be easily monitored without the need to install additional software.

In addition, the status of the power supply can be displayed on the monitor using the proprietary Aorus Engine application. RGB Fusion software allows you to customize the LCD and display the information you need according to your preference. For example, PSU owners can add their own MP4 and GIF files, as well as graphic images and text files to the built-in library of files for displaying visual information. Finally, an equally important option is the activation and selection of a backlighting option among many ready-made profiles, or an excellent prospect to create your own unique look for a PC by synchronizing the backlighting of all Aorus components in the platform.

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The 80 PLUS Platinum certified Aorus P1200W features a modular cable connection design, high-quality components such as Japanese capacitors, a 140mm double roller bearing fan, a dedicated ATX + 12V rail and built-in protection that meets the highest industry requirements. standards. In addition, the compact dimensions of the Aorus PSU make it compatible with virtually any chassis without limitation. As the power consumption of high-performance CPUs and GPUs increases, the Aorus P1200W Modular PSU may be the perfect choice for top-tier gamers and enthusiasts.

A list of CES 2022 Innovation Awards laureates can be found here… As part of the upcoming CES 2022, many companies whose products have been announced as laureates will showcase their winning innovations as part of the Innovation Awards Showcase.

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