Ghostrunner 2 has set off on the path to success

Ghostrunner 2 has set off on the path to success just a week after its release – the first sales data for the game has been published

The cyberpunk parkour slasher Ghostrunner 2 from 505 Games and Polish studio One More Level was released just a month ago and is already a success. This is proven by data from the Polish news agency PAP.

    Image source: Steam (Fluffy)

Image source: Steam (Fluffy)

How conveyed with reference to PAP, by October 31 – that is, just five days after the official release (and exactly a week after the launch in Early Access) – Ghostrunner 2 had already managed to cover the costs of developing the game cover.

The production budget for Ghostrunner 2 is estimated at 16.7 million zlotys (US$4.19 million), while the project’s sales revenue for the specified period exceeded 24.4 million zlotys (US$6.12 million). Gross profit was 7.7 million zlotys (US$1.93 million).

Across all target platforms, Ghostrunner 2 sells for $40, so we’re talking about 150,000 copies sold. This indicator is inaccurate because it does not take into account regional price differences and the cost of different releases.

    Image source: 505 Games

Image source: 505 Games

For comparison: the original Ghostrunner when it launched at the end of October 2020 repelled The production budget (for the first part it was 2.5 million euros) was set on the first day of sales.

Ghostrunner 2 was released on PC on October 26th (steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S, but the game became available to buyers of the Enhanced Edition on October 24th. The project received an average score of 80% on Metacritic and OpenCritic.

According to the plot, a year after the finale of the first part, Jack must fight a cyber-ninja cult that has arisen on the edge of the Dharma Tower and decide the future of humanity. Several supplements for the game will be released by the end of 2024.

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