Germany launches antitrust investigation into Google Maps

Germany launches antitrust investigation into Google Maps

It became known that the German Cartel Office has initiated investigations against the American company Google and its parent company Alphabet. According to the regulator, Google could use its market dominance to promote its own mapping service in the country’s market.

Officials suspect that Google may have abused its market dominance by restricting the use of its maps service in conjunction with third-party counterparts. The regulator believes that Google relies “very strict restrictions” to use your own map service in in-car multimedia systems from Google Automotive Services. It is believed that such an approach could harm the competitors of the American company engaged in the development of card services.

New European antitrust rules in the digital industry allow industry regulators to restrict or ban certain activities or services if they harm competitors. Google announced its willingness to work with the regulator to resolve emerging issues.

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