German students complete internships at TSMC companies in Taiwan

German students complete internships at TSMC companies in Taiwan

Given the statements about TSMC’s willingness to build a factory for contract manufacturing of semiconductor components in East Germany, the local authorities immediately took care of training the staff for this. For this purpose, an agreement was reached with the Taiwanese authorities to carry out six-month internships for students from Germany on this island.

    Image source: GlobalFoundries

Image source: GlobalFoundries

Already in the spring of next year, as reported BloombergThe first group of 50 students will travel from Germany to Taiwan to initially complete a three-month course at the island’s leading university and then apply their acquired skills in identical internships at numerous TSMC facilities on the island. The agreement signed with the Taiwanese authorities stipulates that an average of 50 people will be able to complete an internship under this program each year. At the same time, if necessary, the Taiwanese side can send its exchange students to study at universities in Dresden.

There is a shortage of qualified workers in semiconductor production in eastern Germany. 28 to 33% of current professionals in this field will retire in the next 10 to 12 years and in many cases it will not be possible to fill their roles with new workers. The study found that from June 2021 to June 2022, the entire German semiconductor industry faced the need to hire up to 62,000 employees. The unfavorable demographic situation forces the authorities to think about recruiting qualified specialists from abroad.

Recall that the Taiwanese company TSMC agreed to spend 10 billion euros to build a contract chip manufacturing plant in eastern Germany. Since then, 30% of the shares in the joint venture have been divided equally between Infineon, NXP and Bosch. They are also customers interested in chips. The production of components in this company will begin only at the end of 2027 and will supply products to the local automotive industry and the industrial automation sector. Given Intel’s intention to build its own chip production facility in Magdeburg, German authorities need to step up their training of new personnel for the semiconductor industry. In addition, GlobalFoundries has long operated chip manufacturing facilities near Dresden, which were acquired by AMD, and these are certainly expanding.

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