German court ordered influential bloggers to flag paid posts as ads

Influencers, that is, users of social networks who have a large and loyal audience, and also receive money from companies for advertising products, must mark their posts as advertisements – such a decision was made yesterday by the Federal Supreme Court of Germany.



In the event that an influencer has not received payment for his post, he has the right to demonstrate products without remarks about the advertising nature of the publication. The court ruled on the results of a case involving three influential Instagram users. In this social network, users with thousands of subscribers have the opportunity to receive large fees for advertising goods on the site.

According to one of the episodes related to an influencer girl who maintains an account dedicated to fitness issues, the court ruled: in publications related to the promotion of one of the jam producers, she had to make it clear that these posts were of an advertising nature.

However, the court dismissed the claim for the episode in which TV presenter and influencer Cathy Hummels published a post about the stuffed toy. As a result, users began to go to the manufacturer’s website. But she did not receive money to advertise these products, so she was not required to mark the corresponding publication as an advertisement.

Instagram recently entered into an agreement with the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), according to which the site’s administration pledged to suppress hidden ads posted by influential users.

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