German antitrust authorities investigate Apples user data tracking policy

German antitrust authorities investigate Apple’s user data tracking policy

The German Federal Cartel Office is investigating Apple’s tracking rules for third-party applications as part of a new antitrust investigation. The regulator wants to determine the likelihood that such a practice will give the IT giant a market advantage and harm third-party developers. About that writes Reuters, citing a statement from the German department.

    Image Credit: Aly Song / Reuters

Image Credit: Aly Song / Reuters

“We embrace data-centric business models that give users the power to choose how their data is used. However, a company like Apple, which can unilaterally set the rules in its ecosystem and in particular the App Store, must align them with the requirements of competition rules.— said the head of the antitrust authority Andreas Mundt (Andreas Mundt).

We’re talking about the Apple App Tracking Transparency user data tracking system, which assumes that application developers must obtain users’ explicit consent in order to track and process their data. The data collected by the apps may be used for targeted advertising and other purposes.

Apple has announced its intention to work with the German regulator to constructively resolve any issues that arise. The company is confident that the mentioned rule will not prevent third-party developers from making money from advertising in applications, but at the same time will help increase the level of user privacy.

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