GELID introduces the 25 Slim Silence Black low profile CPU cooler

GELID introduces the $25 Slim Silence Black low-profile CPU cooler for ITX builds

GELID Solutions has introduced a Slim Silence Black low-profile CPU cooler designed for use in very compact ITX builds. In addition to its modest size, the novelty is distinguished by a low noise level.

    Image source: GELID Solutions

Image source: GELID Solutions

A compact cooler with four heat-conducting copper tubes and a 90 mm fan are used as part of the presented cooling system. The dimensions of the radiator with a built-in fan are 94 × 104 × 41.5 mm. The weight is only 198 grams.

The cooling fan uses a fluid dynamic bearing, supports PWM, rotates at up to 2800 rpm, generates an airflow of 41.18 cubic meters per minute (CFM) and a static pressure of 2.49 mm water gauge. Art. The manufacturer states that the fan noise level does not exceed 26.5 dBA.

The GELID Slim Silence Black cooling system comes with mounting brackets that support multiple CPU sockets. Compatibility is claimed with sockets AM5, AM4, AM3+ and AM3 for AMD platforms and with LGA 1700, LGA 1156, LGA 1155, LGA 1151 and LGA 1150 for Intel. The manufacturer states that the cooling system can dissipate up to 130 W of thermal energy. A tube of branded thermal paste GC-4 is also included in the scope of delivery.

The new product comes with a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The suggested price for the GELID Slim Silence Black cooler is $25 or €25.


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