Geely introduced the Lynk Co 08 Hybrid which is

Geely introduced the Lynk & Co 08 Hybrid, which is based on 7nm chips developed in China for the autopilot

Under the Lynk & Co brand, Chinese automaker Geely, which owns Volvo, produces advanced hybrids that overlap with ZEEKR brand electric vehicles in their architectural solutions and component base. The debut of the Lynk & Co 08 hybrid crossover is interesting because its active driver assistance system uses two 7nm processors developed by the Chinese company.

    Image source: Lynk & Co

Image source: Lynk & Co

The Chinese auto giant claims that the crossover comes with the industry’s first 7nm processor developed in China. Although the chip manufacturer remains cautiously silent. At this point it is necessary to clarify that it is not at all necessary for this chip to be made in China, analogous to the 7nm Kirin 9000S processor in the Huawei Mate 60 Pro smartphone, which has recently made a lot of noise and bypasses US sanctions . In the automotive sector, American sanctions have not yet gone that far, and Geely could entrust the production of its 7nm processors for Autopilot to the same Taiwanese TSMC.

A pair of SE1000 processors are capable of performing 16 trillion operations per second, according to TechNode, surpassing the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155P processor in terms of performance by two times. In this case, duplication of processors can ensure the reliability required for vehicles, since a car represents an increased source of danger. The Lynk & Co 08 crossover is also the brand’s first vehicle to use the Flyme Auto operating system developed by Chinese smartphone maker Meizu (owned by Geely) and Ecarx, a startup backed by Geely chairman Eric Li. was developed. Ecarx also developed the processors discussed above. They use the Arm architecture.

The new Flyme Auto software platform is intended to provide a “seamless experience” when switching from a smartphone to Lynk & Co.’s in-vehicle infotainment system. The technical characteristics of the Lynk & Co 08 Hybrid fully meet the requirements of the time. A traction battery with a capacity of 39.8 kWh is capable of providing a purely electric range of up to 205 km, and a 1.5-liter four-cylinder internal combustion engine increases the non-stop range to 1400 km on a full tank.

The number of traction electric motors of this sequential hybrid can be up to three, and their total power is 436 kW (593 hp) combined with a torque of 905 N‧m. The twin-engine all-wheel drive version of the crossover ensures an average fuel consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 km. With the quick charge function you can increase the remaining charge of the traction battery from 30 to 80% in 28 minutes.

The overall dimensions of the machine are 4820 (L) × 1915 (W) × 1685 (H) mm, the wheelbase length is 2848 mm. In a configuration with 28 sensors and cameras, the car is capable of implementing 30 active driver assistance functions, which, at the moment of software development, correspond to the second level of driving autonomy according to the SAE classification. Prices for the Lynk & Co 08 hybrid crossover in China start at the equivalent of $28,815 and it will go on sale later this month.

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