Garmin introduced the eTrex Solar Navigator with endless autonomy

Garmin introduced the eTrex Solar Navigator with endless autonomy

Garmin has expanded the eTrex family of portable navigation devices with a new model called eTrex Solar, which features support for solar charging. This makes you independent of the availability of power sources and gives the device almost unlimited autonomy.

    Image source: Garmin

Image source: Garmin

Like the Garmin Instinct Solar and Instinct 2 Solar smartwatches with GPS support, the eTrex Solar can operate indefinitely on a single charge in sunny weather. But even without solar charging, the device can work in autonomous mode for up to 1800 hours, that is, more than two months in expedition mode.

The eTrex Solar features a 2.2-inch high contrast screen that allows you to track your route and location. Thanks to multi-band GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) support, eTrex Solar allows travelers to pinpoint their location more accurately, even in difficult terrain, dense forests or near cliffs where direct satellite communication is not possible. The device also has an integrated digital compass that shows you the exact direction of movement on a hike.

Geocaching enthusiasts can receive automatic cache updates, including descriptions, logs and tips, to their saved profile when they connect the eTrex Solar to a smartphone. The eTrex Solar is IPX7 waterproof, meaning the device can be submerged in water up to one meter deep for 30 minutes without damage. The Navigator also has a durable casing that can withstand shocks and drops.

The eTrex Solar is available now on the Garmin website for $249.99.


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