Gamers want to know what they are getting The creator

“Gamers want to know what they are getting”: The creator of BioShock promised to announce his new game shortly before the release

Ken Levine, President and Creative Director of Ghost Story Games, in a recent podcast Arcade attack shared fresh crumbs of information on his studio’s first game.

Image source: Take-Two Interactive

Image source: Take-Two Interactive

Keep in mind that development began in 2014 after the completion of Irrational Games (BioShock series), but not only has the project not been released since then, it hasn’t even received an approximate release date.

According to Levin, Ghost Story Games didn’t want to show the game too early so as not to add to the period of increasing interest and excitement: “I think gamers want to know what they’re getting. And the only way to do that is by further announcing the release.

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As for the upcoming show, according to Levin, people will “Surprised and not surprised by what you saw”… Previously, the developer said that the project contains “All sorts of curiosities”

It has been reported that the debut game will be Ghost Story Games “Story LEGO” in the form of an immersive sci-fi first person sim. Rumor has it that the project is stuck in a manufacturing hell (mostly because of Levin).

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