Game Director of Google Stadia Moves to Google Cloud

Google Stadia has lost another veteran of the gaming industry. Stadia’s director of gaming, Jack Buser, formerly a PlayStation executive, moved to Google Cloud to lead the “Game solutions”



Google has officially confirmed the new assignment to The Verge: “Games are an incredibly important industry at Google, and we are seeing tremendous growth in all products and services. In his new role, Jack will help us bring our customers the best of Google among our services: Cloud, Stadia, YouTube and others. Stadia will continue to be led by General Manager Phil Harrison, while Business Development and Partner Relations will continue to be led by Michael Abbattista, who took over in 2020. “

In February, the company closed its own game studios and Phil Harrison gave a clear signal that Stadia would operate as “Technology platform for industry partners”rather than becoming a “gaming Netflix” with revolutionary products of its own.

If Google ends up sending Stadia to the graveyard for many other closed services, it would first make sense to adjust its business direction. A change in course may also mean that the company is not going to reduce costs, but to invest even more resources in this direction. So, a Google representative told ZDNet that the gaming direction “Is one of the key areas in which we invest”, while Buser’s translation aims to “Connect with players through a complete set of products and services”

Epic v. Apple released a 70-page confidential Google document outlining a plan to transform the company into “The world’s largest gaming platform” already by 2025. The plan should begin with the porting of roughly 100 Android games to Windows PCs, then plugging in the Mac ecosystem, smart displays and smart TVs – all powered by the Google cloud. The document states that cloud gaming will be part of this strategy, along with super premium games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Buser has extensive experience in attracting premium games at both Google and Sony. In the latter, he led the cloud-based gaming service PlayStation Now. In the meantime, Stadia management is trying to make the service more attractive: reduced fees for attracting new developers, added touchscreen control and provided access to Stadia via Chromecast on Google TV.


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