GALAX introduces the liquid cooled GeForce RTX 4090 Hydro White graphics

GALAX introduces the liquid-cooled GeForce RTX 4090 Hydro White graphics card with 360mm radiator

GALAX has quietly released the GeForce RTX 4090 Hydro White graphics card, based on NVIDIA’s flagship Ada Lovelace generation GPU. This graphics card does not belong to the GALAX HOF series (Hall of Fame) and should therefore not be considered the most advanced. However, in terms of design and specifications, there is no doubt that we have a high-end graphics accelerator.

    Image source: GALAX

Image source: GALAX

The GeForce RTX 4090 Hydro White features a maintenance-free liquid cooling system with an external 360mm radiator and three dual-row 120mm ball-bearing fans. Although an external heatsink is responsible for cooling, the card itself has impressive dimensions, measuring 15 cm wide instead of the usual 13.5 cm. The reason for this massive construction is most likely the individual design of the GALAX board.

This model features an aluminum alloy backplate and there are no fans on the card itself. The low-profile water pump is hidden under a polygonal cover, and there are virtually no air vents throughout the board. A copper water block is responsible for dissipating heat from the GPU, video memory, and batteries.

The GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 Hydro White runs at 2580 MHz, which is not the highest factory clock of other RTX 4090 with maintenance-free liquid cooling. The company plans to release a black version of this graphics card soon.


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