Galax has been suspected of selling used graphics cards

Galax has been suspected of selling used graphics cards – the company denies everything

According to the IT Home portal, Galax was suspected of selling used and subsequently restored graphics cards. The manufacturer, known on the Chinese market under the Galaxy brand and outside under the name KFA2, rejects the allegations made against it.

    Image source: Galax

Image source: Galax

According to the source, messages of buyers who bought Galax brand graphics accelerators and found signs of usage on them appeared on Chinese social networks. In particular, dspdfkb suspects gold-plated pins of the PCIe interface on the accelerator board. They were marked with markings that clearly indicated that the graphics card was already in the PCIe x16 slot.

One of the users announced the purchase of the Galax GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Metal Master OC graphics card on the Taobao online marketplace. After receiving the card, he didn’t immediately take it out of the anti-static packaging, but decided to check the PCIe pins. According to him, he had previously come across several reviews from other buyers who claimed that the card came to them in “already used” condition. The hero of the story actually found signs of abrasion on the contacts. In addition, there were also black spots on the contacts, which indicated the beginning of the oxidation process. Without opening the package to the end, the owner of the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti returned the graphics card to the store and then contacted local media.

Portal IT Home shared several images of the accelerator showing signs of wear on the PCIe pins. However, the quality of the photos does not allow to see them.

Galax said it saw these customer reviews of frayed contacts and conducted its own investigation, which it recorded in its official statement, a copy of which is available in Chinese. released Portal IT home page. After analyzing several pages of reviews from several outlets, the manufacturer found that the “suspicious” cards were made on April 19, 2022. In addition, the company stated that it did not find any messages in the reviews that would indicate the inoperability of graphics cards.

According to the manufacturer, traces could appear on the contact pads of the PCIe interface of accelerators “after rigorous testing of graphics cards, establishing the performance of the accelerator before shipping to the market”. However, Galax’s answer does not explain how traces of contact oxidation could result from a relatively brief test of the accelerator.

Galax’s own investigation does not add to the credibility of the results. In this case, it would be more correct to turn to a third party for an independent investigation.


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