Galactic Civilizations IV is an oversaturated galaxy Verification

Galactic Civilizations IV is an oversaturated galaxy. Verification

Not that distant future, but a very distant galaxy. As a rapidly evolving civilization, we’ve crowded our home planet and the local solar system doesn’t seem so vast anymore. So it’s time to move on to active expansion and expansion of galactic possessions. But here’s the problem: We’re far from the only ones on this edge of the universe who think the same way. Obviously, a conflict of interest is inevitable, and its outcome depends only on the ingenuity and strategic skills of the leaders of civilizations.  What a wonderful look at our present and future possessions...

What a wonderful look at our present and future possessions…

Universal variety

For fans of the genre, the new Galactic Civilizations will hardly seem like an unknown horizon – more like a known and studied matter. Familiar elements of 4X strategy and classic genre approaches to game design meet right from the start. Everything is like a textbook: we study the world, discover new technologies, meet representatives of other civilizations and try to negotiate with them. And in the worst case, we uncover the side guns of our frigates. But the usual principles are nevertheless full of various and not always obvious nuances.

For example, choosing the original civilization. The parties are divided into different life forms including carbon, water, plastic and silicon. Special bonuses and preferences for inhabited planets depend on this parameter (e.g. water planets will master ocean worlds with pleasure and without development penalties).

And all conquerors of the galaxy have their own ideology. For example, representatives of the Onyx Hive are ardent keepers of tradition; The Cluster of Manties believes openness is the way forward for the state, the Krynn Syndicate stands for harmony, and our fellow Terrans tend to incorporate innovation throughout. Ideological traits are responsible for certain and quite significant passive bonuses that we can unlock for culture points (and that are given to us for certain actions that correspond to our ideals).

    If none of the many suggested civilizations appeal to you, you can create your own with blackjack and special moral settings

If none of the many suggested civilizations appeal to you, you can create your own with blackjack and special moral settings

In addition, all peoples of the galaxy are distinguished by certain characteristics. There are also obviously positive benefits in the form of strong starting perks or some exceptional plus traits that help gain superiority in certain business or combat situations. And there are also ambiguous properties in the sense of the possibility of building two ships instead of one, but at the same time all civilization technology will have a significantly reduced safety margin.

By the way, the fleet of spaceships here is also extensive: from massive dreadnoughts, which are an absolute thunderstorm in space, to miniature transport ships, peacefully transporting citizens from one planet to another. By the way, it is better to provide civil flights with an escort of combat-ready ships, because in addition to enemy hunters, pirates are rampant in the galaxy, who definitely do not miss the chance to benefit from the good of a rich (or not) galactic empire.

Space battle results are calculated automatically, but you can watch the replay. The main thing is to deal with the naughty camera

But predators are just a small part of our truly universal problems. We must regularly make responsible decisions, make important decisions and at least try to live in peace with other inhabitants of the galaxy. It doesn’t always work out, but you shouldn’t resort to fighting decisions right away – at least you can try to win in the cultural field first.

Big problems in a big galaxy

Like many peers in the genre, Galactic Civilizations IV has different victory conditions. You can defeat all competitors by incorporating your own culture on opponents’ planets and conquering territories aggressively. And there is also the option of a triumph in overall prestige. As usual, it pays to stick to the initially chosen course for success, but also remember that other participants in complex galactic relations can go against our ideal plan at any time.

    Surprisingly, AI opponents sometimes offer quite acceptable transaction terms - not the most profitable, but not robbery either.

Surprisingly, AI opponents sometimes offer quite acceptable transaction terms – not the most profitable, but not robbery either.

To implement the global idea, we need specific technologies, financial resources and, of course, a serious fleet. Armed ships will be useful not so much for attacking (after all, it is expensive and laborious to conduct combat operations), but for holding your lines. And of course, conscientious management of each of the numerous colonies of our civilization will make an important contribution to victory.

Controlled planets bring income to our galactic empire. Both financially and in terms of growing influence. However, in order to make money, you need to … spend time: solve problems with citizen dissatisfaction, conduct tax equalization, carefully monitor who we appoint to the posts of managers, and the level of crime will not allow, or shall we say , spoil them pollution of a given planet an excellent (good or near excellent) overall performance.

    Conducting diplomatic negotiations with sign language is of course fun.  Despite this, it is better to use a universal translator

Conducting diplomatic negotiations with sign language is of course fun. Despite this, it is better to use a universal translator

And of course, don’t forget about the subtle art of diplomacy. A number of technological upgrades are required for successful negotiations, and a civilization’s prestige level affects the trade, science, or trade-science deals offered by opponents. And, of course, any action that contradicts the beliefs of one or another interlocutor will spoil the constructiveness of the dialogue. But the longer the party lasts, the fewer points of contact remain.

As well as, alas, the joys of the party itself. In Galactic Civilizations IV, classic late-game suffering begins long before the actual final journey to the Dissolution. The movements quickly fill with weight and become longer and longer. And in a ton of features and features of features, courage is literally lost, and interest in the further process quickly falls into a black hole. And the problem is not that the local elements Fulfills somehow wrong – rather there are too many and they are all too typical. The authors have made their work available literally everything that is so popular in the genre, but they forgot about integrity and most importantly originality. Despite all the depth of development, there is hardly anything in Galactic Civilizations IV that distinguishes it from other modern 4X strategies.


That doesn’t make it a bad game though. It will definitely appeal to die-hard fans of space environments or, shall we say, newcomers to the genre. But here is a deep mark in the Galactic Civilizations IV universe that is unlikely to be left.


  • deep and addictive strategic component;
  • a universal set of different nuances, features and mechanics…


  • … yes, so that at some point their overabundance, congestion is clearly felt;
  • In fact, there are practically no original game solutions in the project.


Mysterious, starry expanses of the universe, wonderful stars and planets from a wide variety of biomes – designers and artists have done a great job. Separately, it is worth noting the careful detailing of the ships and the editor for their modification – you can watch and replay spacecraft for more than an hour.


Heroic melodies of discovery, soothing vocals, cosmic synthesizer overflows and mysterious musical etudes of the unknown – the soundtrack perfectly reveals the aftermath of Galactic Civilizations IV.

As well as excellent sound design of ships, worlds and various futuristic interface elements.

single player game

A typical 4X strategy with an immense amount of different nuances and features. Maybe even too overwhelming.

Estimated travel time

A party can end triumphantly in a few hours or stretch for a dozen. And a careful study of all the nuances of Galactic Civilizations IV will easily take fifty hours, but how exciting this time will be is a serious question.

collective game

Galactic Civilizations IV features fully customizable multiplayer, but the galactic lobby was pretty empty (even during the May holidays).

overall impression

An entertaining 4X space strategy game, but unfortunately overloaded with features, game elements and all sorts of niceties. Also, something truly unique could not be found in this galaxy.

Rating: 7.0/10

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