Gabe Newell suggested not making Left 4 Dead a zombie

Gabe Newell suggested not making Left 4 Dead a zombie game

Former Valve writer Chet Faliszek revealed in a recent Kiwi Talkz podcast how studio head Gabe Newell wanted to keep co-op zombie shooter Left 4 Dead without zombies.

    Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

According to Faliszek, Newell objected to adding the living dead to Left 4 Dead because they seemed to be the head of Valve at that moment “very banal”.

“We were under more and more pressure because, as I recall, [Ньюэлл] said, “Let’s not have zombies, they’re very mundane.” There wasn’t a The Walking Dead series back then and the rest of it, so they were really, really mundane.”– remembers Falizhek.

Therefore, the team decided not to abandon zombies in Left 4 Dead. Instead, the writers have made it so that some characters (Zoe, Louis) realize they are in a film about the living dead, but at the same time take what is happening seriously.

Left 4 Dead debuted on PC and Xbox 360 in November 2008. By September 2009, it had exceeded sales 3 million copies. In the same 2009, the game received a sequel, and after another 13 years – a spiritual legacy in the face of Back 4 Blood.


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