GSkill introduces low latency DDR5 5600 memory

G.Skill introduces low-latency DDR5-5600 memory

G.Skill International Enterprise has announced new DDR5 RAM kits designed for use in gaming computers and high-performance workstations.

    Image source: G.Skill

Image source: G.Skill

Not so long ago, G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-6600 memory kit was introduced with timings lowered to CL34-40-40-105. It contains two modules of 16GB each, making a total of 32GB.

The new kits have even lower latency. In particular, DDR5 products with a frequency of 5600 and 5200 MHz made their debut. In the first case, the timings are CL28-34-34-89, in the second – CL28-34-34-83.

Sets with two modules, each with a capacity of 16 and 32 GB, will go on sale. Thus, the total volume is 32 and 64 GB.

DDR5-5600 CL28 modules will be included in the Trident Z5 RGB, Trident Z5, and Ripjaws S5 families. The memory is designed for use in computers with Intel Core processors of the 12th generation and motherboards based on the Intel Z690 chipset.


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