Future Intel processors will have an analogue of 3D V Cache

Future Intel processors will have an analogue of 3D V-Cache cache memory technology

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told the press after speaking at the Innovation 2023 conference that the company also plans to use additional cache memory in its processors, like AMD chips with 3D V-cache memory . In general, however, the approaches of both companies will differ when implementing this technology.

    Image source: Tom's Hardware

Image source: Tom’s Hardware

The additional cache memory technology will not be used in the Meteor Lake processors announced on the first day of the Innovation 2023 conference, but it is in development and will eventually be used in Intel processors for various market segments.

“If you talk about it [кеш-памяти AMD 3D] V-Cache, then we are talking about a very specific technology that TSMC implements in chips for some of its customers. Obviously we approach this problem a little differently. This technology will not be part of the Meteor Lake processors, but in our product roadmap you can see the idea of ​​a 3D package that leverages cache memory on a single die and a compute die mounted on that cache die. And of course this requires the EMIB connection, which is part of the Foveros packaging.”“,” Gelsinger answered a journalist’s question about the possibility of using additional cache memory, similar to 3D V-Cache, as part of Intel processors.

He added that the company is developing new memory architecture technologies as well as new 3D packaging technologies for both small chips and very large processors for AI and high-performance server systems. In other words, it will have the necessary technologies to implement this idea.

“We will use all of these technologies in our products and provide our customers with access to them [контрактному производству чипов] IFS”“, concluded Gelsinger.

The use of additional cache memory technology has given AMD a strategic advantage in various processor segments. It is used not only in its EPYC Genoa-X server chips, but also in its Ryzen X3D gaming models, which according to many reviews are currently among the fastest gaming processors in the world.

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