FuriosaAI launches 5nm AI chips for ChatGPT

FuriosaAI launches 5nm AI chips for ChatGPT

South Korean startup FuriosaAI is preparing to start production of ChatGPT-enabled AI chips as early as next year. According to the company’s CEO, June Paik, the second generation of its chips will be the most powerful solution available to support ChatGPT.

    June pike.  Image source: The Elec

June Paek. Image source: The Elec

According to Pack, the new chip delivers twice the performance of competing products with the same power consumption. Accordingly the electr, a solution that supports the hugely popular language model, is eight times faster than the first generation chip called Warboy. The new solution is not intended for end users, but for data centers behind the work of advanced language technologies. If Warboy was developed for release in accordance with 14nm process technology, then the second generation, which is scheduled to go into mass production next year, will use 5nm process technology and use the new generation of integrated memory – HBM3. In addition, the chip has 30 times more bandwidth than its predecessor.

The second generation is scheduled to go into series production in the first quarter of 2024. Baek, who previously worked for AMD and Samsung, founded FuriosaAI in 2017. A startup is a fabless chip development company. It specializes in developing neuroprocessors used in AI systems.

Production of Warboy began late last year, with mass production slated to begin in the first half of 2023. The chip was noticed after it was found to perform better than the NVIDIA T4 in the MLPerf AI benchmark. The company has already tested the first-generation solution on the platforms of some potential customers, including South Korean IT giant Kakao Enterprise.

Meanwhile, the company is preparing to raise approximately $154 million in the next round of Series C testing to support the production of next-generation products. In the future, she wants to raise additional funds for the production of chips of the third generation and double the number of developers from 100 to 200 next year.

Elon Musk recently said that AI is one of the main risks for the future of humanity.

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