FSP Group Unveils World’s First ATX12VO Compatible SFX PSUs

The FSP Group introduced the world’s first ATX12VO-compatible SFX power supplies, the FSP650-27SCB and FSP750-27SCB models, with a capacity of 650 and 750 watts, respectively. Among the main features of the new products, the manufacturer emphasizes a modular cable connection system, as well as energy efficiency of the 80 Plus Gold level.

Image source: FSP Group

Image source: FSP Group

The manufacturer indicates that Japanese-made capacitors are used in the FSP650-27SCB and FSP750-27SCB power supplies. The safety of new products is ensured by systems such as OVP (overvoltage protection), OPP (overpower protection), OCP (overload protection), OTP (over temperature protection) and SCP (short circuit protection).

The scope of delivery for the FSP650-27SCB and FSP750-27SCB power supplies includes a frame that allows them to be installed in place of full-size ATX power supplies.

The Advanced Technology eXtended 12-Volt Only standard implies the abandonment of the usual 24-pin ATX connector on motherboards and the transition to 12-volt power supply via the 10-pin ATX12VO connector. The +3.3 V and +5 V voltages required for drives and other devices will be provided by the motherboard itself. This will simplify the power supply circuitry and should increase the overall energy efficiency of the entire system.

The manufacturer did not report on the prices and availability of power supplies for the FSP650-27SCB and FSP750-27SCB models.


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