From WhatsApp you can write to Telegram and other instant

From WhatsApp you can write to Telegram and other instant messengers and vice versa

In the next test version of the WhatsApp application for iOS, signs were found that the service will soon be compatible with third-party instant messengers, such as Telegram or Signal. The resource reports the upcoming ability to send and receive messages from other instant messaging services WABetaInfo.

    Image source: Dima Solomin /

Image source: Dima Solomin /

A new section has appeared in the “Chats” tab, intended for correspondence with users of third-party instant messengers. Users will likely be given manual control over this feature, including the ability to disable it at any time. The feature works both ways and does not require third-party instant messenger users to have their own WhatsApp account.

It is noteworthy that incoming and outgoing messages when corresponding with third-party platforms are end-to-end encrypted to ensure confidentiality. There is no comprehensive list of platforms WhatsApp can interact with, but Signal is cited as an example. It is very likely that there will also be compatibility with Telegram and Facebook Messenger and others.

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Image source:

Official statements from the developer are not yet available, but according to WABetaInfo the innovation is being prepared in order to bring the platform into line with the requirements of the European Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will soon come into force. One of its standards requires that messaging platforms ensure mutual compatibility. It is possible that a general version of WhatsApp with support for third-party services will be released before the DMA takes effect.


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