From the studio developers Mafia 3 and Mafia Definitive Edition

From the studio developers Mafia 3 and Mafia: Definitive Edition left their founder and head

Portal VentureBeat with a link to the internal correspondence of the publisher 2K informedthat the studio Hangar 13 (Mafia 3, Mafia: Definitive Edition) has left its longtime head and founder Haden Blackman (Haden Blackman).

    Image source: 2K

Image source: 2K

Following Blackman’s departure, Nick Baynes, General Manager of Hangar 13’s UK office in Brighton, is set to take over as Head of Hangar 13.

The reason given for Blackman’s departure from Hangar 13 was the developer’s passion for a new endeavor. 2K thanked the former employee for his development contribution and wished him well.

    Hayden Blackman

Hayden Blackman

Blackman was at the helm of Hangar 13 in 2012 (the studio officially launched in 2014), helping her release Mafia 3, a remake of the original Mafia and a re-release of Mafia 2. Neither game was in perfect technical condition.

In November 2021, 2K reported a $53 million loss due to the cancellation of an unannounced Hangar 13 project that had been in development since 2017 and was rumored to be a superhero competition.


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