From the authors of Total War and Alien Isolation HYENAS

From the authors of Total War and Alien: Isolation, HYENAS is a sci-fi shooter that sends players out to rob the rich of Mars

Publisher Sega and Developers Creative Assembly (Alien: Isolation, Total War Series) announced Network sci-fi shooter HYENAS is the one the British studio took over four years ago.

    Image source: Sega

Image source: Sega

The events of HYENAS will unfold in the future: Earth is gone, the rich have moved to Mars, and the rest of humanity is miserable in the vast orbital slum called Dirt.

Players take on the role of members of a group of talented thieves called “Hyenas” who steal pop culture artifacts from Earth from the “Getters” (trading ships of Martian billionaires) and then must escape with the loot.

The developers promise zero-gravity shootouts, clashes with the “Getters” (AI) guards and other players, a variety of colorful characters, as well as post-release content (heroes, locations, loot).

HYENAS is expected to appear on PC in 2023 (steam, Epic game store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. A official site You can voluntarily sign up for alpha testing.

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