From the authors of “Sonic in the Movie”: Dj2 will deal with the screen versions of Sable, Night Call and Mosaic

Raw Fury and production company Dj2 Entertainment have agreed to film the publisher’s three games for film and television. These are Sable (from Shedworks), Night Call (from Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin) and Mosaic (from Krillbite).

Source: Raw Fury

Source: Raw Fury

Dj2 Entertainment is also considering other games as part of the partnership. The list includes Call of the Sea (from Out of the Blue), Dandara (from Long Hat House), The Signifier (from laymestudio) and Norco (from Geography of Robots), it said.

Source: Raw Fury

Source: Raw Fury

Dj2 Entertainment specializes in video game adaptations. She is currently working on the production of the series based on Life is Strange and Disco Elysium, a short thriller based on My Friend Pedro, an adaptation of Little Nightmares, Sleeping Dogs, Ruiner, an animated series based on Tomb Raider and many other games. The company has previously released the feature film Sonic in the Cinema.

Dj2 Entertainment founder and CEO Dmitri M. Johnson added to the announcement: “There is so much good working with the Raw Fury team, including the team’s incredible taste for some of the most unique, beautiful and innovative games to date. Having access to incredible [планам] Raw Fury allows Dj2 to start developing adaptations even before the game is released, gaining a leap in the market, as well as providing more synergy between different media. “

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