From 2024 Nikola will be able to assemble traction batteries

From 2024, Nikola will be able to assemble traction batteries for electric trucks itself

From a technical point of view, Nikola Corp’s activity, although accompanied by periodic scandals, corresponds to the rational strategy pursued by many truck manufacturers. They are unwilling to rely only on battery electric vehicles, so they are developing the direction of hydrogen fuel cells at the same time. In a few years, Nikola himself will be able to master the assembly of traction batteries from third-party batteries.

    Image source: Nikola Motors

Image source: Nikola Motors

Keep in mind that when producing semi-trucks, competitor Tesla intends to use battery cells of the 4680 type, which it plans to both obtain from Panasonic and produce itself. Without batteries based on cells of this size, Elon Musk believes that the production of electric commercial vehicles is not feasible.

According to information Reuters, Nikola Corp CFO Kim Brady announced at a Deutsche Bank conference the company’s readiness to begin self-assembly of traction batteries in 2024. The company now receives battery cells from LG Energy Solution. Apparently, Korean batteries will form the basis for batteries of its own production, Nikola only hopes to localize their assembly in North America. So far, most of the components have been supplied from Europe, and that’s quite an expensive treat for traction batteries of this size. Nikola expects to produce between 300 and 500 Tre battery tractors by the end of the year, but much will depend on the availability of the required components. In the long term, Nikola wants to localize the production of components for electric vehicles in North America as much as possible.

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